Sunday, November 25, 2007

so what does one aspire to be?

I did not see it that clearly earlier. The use of lack of it for money. I still believe that money wont get you everything. But now that i have looked into how to help people manage their money, i have increasingly gotten over my other belief that a lot of money can help you bring about a lasting impact on the human civilization.
Money does not suffice. The organization of human society is much too complex for that. If you are enterprising, money will come to you. If you take sufficient risks, money could come to you in great measure as well. However, if you are under the impression that this will solve most of your problems, you would be in for a surprise. Why is that? All moral judgments aside, money is after all a medium to express your purchasing power, it does not point to any solutions. Solutions to? Well, to start with, how to you make sense of your existence, what do you aspire for in life, what do you hold close to your heart, how do you be happy?
Money will not affect it negatively either. It simply has a much limited role to play. Somehow the collective conscious being driven by a large mass of have-nots has led us to value money much more that it is truly worth.
To lead a good life, i will need lot more focus on trying to lead a good life than just collecting enough resources to get there. A lot of thought needs to go into how to make the life interesting, fulfilling and long-lasting. This needs physical, mental and social health as a hygiene factor. Over and above that you need a bit of luck but more importantly, a lot of focus and thoughtfulness. How you handle small matters as well as large will have a lasting impact on what life gives you back. Of course taking it all too seriously may erode the fun anyway. But that said, it is no excuse for letting life just happen to you!