I have been writing on several topics in media. This page is a collation of such appearances in media.

Plan with Your People in Mind
(Interview in Economic Times on my first 100 days at work after b-school)
The brief and what I did in the first 100 days
I joined Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in the Mumbai office as a senior associate. My first project was the module on risk management within the larger project BCG was doing at the time for an engineering conglomerate in India...

NPS - An Exceptional Product
The National Pension System, launched on January 1, 2004, aims to overcome moderate contributions towards retirement planning by offering higher returns and tax benefits.
Buy diversified equity mutual funds or index ETFs: Swapnil Pawar, Karvy Capital
A reforms-oriented government, a likely cut in interest rates and falling commodity prices have set the stage for a long bull run; investors should buy ...

Narendra Modi's NDA government elected to power: Where should you invest now?
... small-cap segment as undervalued or overvalued. Investors should go company-wise," says Swapnil Pawar, chief investment officer, Karvy Capital.

Business Standard

FIIs pour in Rs 1-lakh cr since Modi declared BJP PM candidate
"FII investments may pick up in a hurry," Karvy Capital CIO Swapnil Pawar said as Modi is set to lead the next government at the Centre after the BJP ...

On Core and Satellite Portfolios in The Economic Times
“A core portfolio typically comprises diversified assets of high quality and is expected to deliver over a long period of time,” explains Swapnil Pawar, chief investment officer , Karvy Private Wealth. This can include blue-chip stocks, highly rated bonds and gold.

On investing into cash-rich companies in troubled times in The Economic Times
....On the other hand, cash-rich companies sit pretty during these times. They don’t have to borrow capital and can earn from short-term investments of the cash in their hoard. “The benefit they earn on the treasury income won’t be substantial. But cash becomes handy now because they can fund their growth without resorting to high-cost debt,” says Swapnil Pawar, chief investment officer, Karvy Private Wealth.

On high interest rate scenario in Tehelka

On investment strategies for 2011 in Hindu Business Line
“The correction in Indian equity markets towards the end of 2010 has paved the way for a sustainable and moderate rally in 2011. There might be a correction in residential real estate in parts of the country, creating low entry points for long term investors in 2011,” said Mr Swapnil Pawar, Chief Investment Officer, Karvy Private Wealth.
“Long term bonds are a good bet on the high interest rates prevalent in India. These can provide capital appreciation as well in case the yields fall,” he added.

Story on Silver Linked Debentures in DNA
“There has been a lot of demand for some means of taking exposure to silver. We plan to make these debentures available to investors in a month’s time,” said Swapnil Pawar, chief investment officer at Karvy Private Wealth."

Review of Anatomy of Froth in The Hindu

(This review also appeared in Business Line)

"Interestingly for the layman, the recent economic crisis brought many financial and economic concepts into common-speak, observes Swapnil Pawar in ‘ Anatomy of Froth' ( As governments scurried to contain the fall-outs of the crisis, optimists started predicting how the recovery would take place, and in this regard emerged many tail-end letters in an alphabet soup of sorts, one learns.

For instance, the ‘U-shaped recovery' that could have stumped you from many news and analysis bulletins is all about how the GDP and economic activity, having fallen during the crisis, are expected to stay subdued for a considerable period (the flat bottom of the U) and then pick up rapidly, as the author explains.

We may be in for a ‘V-shaped recovery,' say some experts. That is, once the fears subside, the slowdown will not only stop but also change into rapid growth, Pawar notes. There are still others who agree with the V camp for now ,but warn of another dip in GDP soon in future, he adds. “The purported reason for this dip is the nature of the recovery. Since government-driven stimulus is behind this recovery and it cannot continue forever, the usual engines of investment and private consumption need to pick up steam before government spending runs out.” Stating, therefore, that by its very nature the recovery is likely to be fraught with downside risk, the author wraps up with the line, “Hence the second V and in total, a W!” Useful read to double-dip into."