A few resources on the web.

Great collection of well-defined courses across a variety of topics available at coursera
I have taken a few courses from here. Very well designed and very high quality content.

An excellent thought-provoking attack on many established beliefs in neo-classical macroeconomics is written by Vickrey Williams at this site.

Couple of good books on post-Keynsian economics are available here.

A constantly running commentary of the developments in the international finance are covered in a blog called naked capitalism. It is run by Yves Smith. As the name suggests, the blog is somewhat left leaning but the analysis is quite accurate and unbiased.

A good lecture series on behavioral finance on you tube is by Professor Keen. Covers the topic in quite a good deal of detail.

Matein Khalid writes regularly for Khaleej Times in his column on global macroeconomic analysis. The language is quite witty and unabashed, the analysis is quite sharp and the views are refreshingly non-conformist. He tends to go overboard every so often, but is thought provoking in most of his articles.

IIM Ahmedabad's research section on the website is also quite diverse in its working papers collection.

Niall Ferguson's site is another source of interesting views and opinions on finance and economics. He being a historian of finance has a different (better grounded in financial history) take on many important debates of our times.

IMF is a good source of data and mainstream opinions and so is BIS.