Tuesday, March 07, 2006

bad feeling about iran and the larger clash of civilizations

Iran developments do not feel right. US is back to its good old ways of force and creating the viscious circle of instigating military regimes through aggression and then claiming that it needs to use further force to contain them.
Of course Iran is threat to the safety of US. But a much bigger threat is US to Iran. Without getting into who is right and who is not, it can probably be seen obviously that US is looking for excuses to attack Iran and Iran is justified in pushing back on it through whatever little force it has.

The bigger issue lurking beneath is of course a lethal blow to the dream of a peaceful or at least somewhat better 21st century. As in, times when countries differ on export quotas or the likes and not on very right to survival of each other. In the post WWII period, neither US nor USSR has done anything to promote the vision. Under the garbe of security, what we are slowly moving towards is a world full of dichotomies - well off people in west (current west and Brazil, Argentina et al) and in the east (Japs, koreans, chinese and hopefully Indians) with a increasingly troubled middle (Middle east, Israel, Balkans, North Africa). This does not sound much better than the warlike early 20th century. The proportions might have changed. The mode of war has sure changed - and for worse because the war is now at our doorstep and in our backyard and not merely at the border; also it is on 24/7 and not merely during bursts of war years.

The contours of social evolution of the human population are not very soothing to say the least!

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