Saturday, December 16, 2006

Iran going the Iraq way

Read a few shocking facts about the history of gulf war and the more recent strike of US on iraq.. and then some more current happenings on Iran which indicate the designs of US and its allies to invade Iran as well..
1. Pushing through IAEA unrealistic demands on disclsure of military secrets..
2. Claiming of Iran having nuclear weapons irrespective of what IAEA inspectors say..
3. Invading Iran and then after not finding any WMD, claiming it to be a coninuation of war on terror for the overall good of human society (the west?)

I get a feeling that US is running into a near certainty by fanning opposition rather than dialogue and trying muscle show in arrogance... it should understand better than any other country that show of military power can still not protect its civilians from madmen terrorists.. god save humanity from the US foreign policy!!

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