Friday, December 15, 2006

my second month as an entrepreneur

december was my second month as an entrepreneur.. first formal, second in terms of having started work. Interesting so far!
Many things change from being an employee to an entrepreneur. But one stark thing I noticed was this - when you are an employee, a light day/week brings out a sigh of relief. When you are an entrepreneur, a light day/week is more stressful than a heavy one for obvious reasons!
Of course selling is a also a much tougher nut to crack than one thinks as an employee. And one more thing - consulting prepares one for strategy definition and problem solving, not so much for on-the-ground selling.
I guess the learning will accrue as I go along. The space looks vast and open for exploration. It always feels better to be one of the early explorers (which is what I feel like in current work) of a mine rather than a worker doing routine maintainance job there (which is what I felt earlier). There is more challenge no doubt. But there is also more interest and more direct impact of what you think and what yo do!

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